‘The person next to me fell to the ground’

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fortification LAUDERDALE, Fla,People started kind of screaming and waiting to hear about out of any door they could or hide under the chairs, The experience, commemorate Lea, informed MSNBC. “He just kind of extended coming in, Just randomly capturing at people, No rhyme or rationale to it,The gunman was recognized as 26 year old Esteban Santiago of Anchorage, ak, Who served in Iraq with the National Guard but was demoted and discharged last year for bad performance. His brother said he had been receiving thought treatment recently. Government was running his mind and cheap wholesale jerseys
making him watch Islamic State videos.FBI guide George Piro, Who manages the Miami field office, Confirmed Wholesale Team Jerseys | Cheap Jerseys
that Santiago had come into the Anchorage office and said he clearly indicated when i bought it that he was not intent on hurting anyone. after that the shooting, And before details of Santiago’s mental health became public, Sen. “We’re focusing on every angle, your terrorism angle, which he saidSantiago, Who is in legal custody, Will face federal charges and is expected to appear in court Monday, Piro menti one d.One witness said the attacker gunned down his victims without a word and kept shooting until he ran out of ammunition for his handgun, Sending panicked travelers running out of the terminal and spilling onto the tarmac, Baggage to hand.Others hid in bathroom stalls or crouched behind cars or other things that are they could find as police and paramedics rushed in to help the wounded and establish whether there were any other gunmen.Bruce Hugon, Who had flown in from indiana for a vacation, Was at the baggage carousel when he heard four or five pops and saw everyone drop down in a tree. He said a woman next to him tried to get up and was shot in the head,The guy must Wholesale Jerseys China Saving Off Least 60%
have been standing over me at some point. i was able to smell the gunpowder, he was quoted saying. “I thought I was about to feel a piercing pain or very little because I would have been dead,It is legal for airline passengers to go somewhere with guns and ammunition as long as the firearms are put in a checked bag not a carry on and are unloaded and locked in a hard sided container. Guns must be made into to the airline at check in.Santiago arrived in Fort Lauderdale after taking off from Anchorage aboard a Delta flight Thursday night, Checking only one joint of luggage his gun, menti one d Jesse Davis, Police chief at the Anchorage airport.At fort Lauderdale, “After he touted his bag, He creditresources.online
went into the lavatory and loaded the gun and started shooting. We need to know why, celebrity fad Chip LaMarca, A Broward County commissioner who was briefed by detectives.The bloodshed is likely to raise questions of whether aviation safety officials need to change the rules.The attack also exposed another weak spot in airport security: While travelers need to use off their shoes, Put their carry on luggage through X ray machines and pass through metal detectors to reach the gates, Many other sections of airports, Such as ticket surfaces and baggage claim areas, Are more lightly secured and more vulnerable to attack.for 2013, A gunman with a grudge against the Transportation Security Administration shot and killed one of www.mygrassandpool.com
the agency’s screeners and wounded three others during a rampage at Los Angeles airport terminal. Last december, An airline worker was shot and killed near an employee parking area at Oklahoma City’s airport, And in 2015 a machete wielding man was shot to death visioncenterinternational.org
after he attacked federal privacy officers at the New Orleans airport,it is a fact that wherever there are crowds, Such as at our international airports, We remain vulnerable to all of these attacks, Nelson said.The Fort Lauderdale gunman said completely nothing as he “Went vertical the carousels of the baggage claim, Shooting through luggage to get at people that were hiding, in order to Lea. The killer went through about three magazines before not having enough ammunition, Lea considered,He threw the gun down and laid spread eagle on the surface until the officer came up to him, Lea mentioned.The gunman was arrested unharmed, With no shots fired by the police officers, And was being asked by the FBI, Sheriff Scott Israel announced.Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel said 30 to 40 everyone was injured scrapes, Bruises and broken bones can be shooting.the healthiness of the wounded was not disclosed. At least one of the victims was seen lying in a pool of blood with what were a head wound.President barack obama was briefed by his Homeland Security adviser, The very white House said. President elect Donald Trump said that it’s a “Disgraceful situation that’s happe

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