Imlay Canyon Ropes

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I currently own three Imlay Canyon ropes. I have a 120 foot Imlay Canyon Fire rope along with a 240 and 300 foot Imlay Canyonero rope.


The ropes are made from 100% polyester which provide toughness and don’t absorb water as much as some other ropes. formula activa del viagra The rope also has a thick sheath which helps prevent cutting and abrasion. The ropes have a stretch of 0.5-1% which is what you want for canyoneering.

My friends and I use our ropes almost every weekend and they are extremely tough yet pretty lightweight.

The Imlay Canyon Fire is 8.3 mm with a rated strength of 4100 ibF and weighs 57.3 g/m. I think it is a great multipurpose rope and will suit most canyoneers just fine; however if you weigh more than 200 pounds you may want to get the Canyoneero which is 9.2 mm and can resist the wear and tear of more weight.

The Imlay Canyonero is 9.2 mm with a rated strength of 5000 ibF and weighs 63.5 g/m. This rope is also great for most canyoneering adventures and gives beginners a bit more control because it is slower. I use this rope when I go through canyons with flowing water. The rope is definitely heaver than the Canyon Fire however I don’t feel like it is unbearable by any means.


Both of these ropes work well together if you need to tie them together, I use a double fisherman because I am usually tying different mm together but everyone has their own preference on what they think is best.

Like any rope when Imlay ropes get dirty or wet they slow down and are a bit harder to rappel through. If I am near water or rappelling into water when I am wrapping up the rope I usually dunk the rope in the water and try to clean off any dirt or mud that could slow me down on the next rappel.



Where to get Imlay Ropes

I bought one of my ropes at IME on 3265 E 3300 S in Salt Lake. They sell it to you in pre-cut lengths or you can purchase it by the foot. (I think it was around .80 cents a foot for the Imlay Canyon Fire)

I have also bought online from Northwash Outfitters (store located in Blanding, Utah) or from Canyoneering USA (Mount Carmel, Utah).

I have had great experiences with all 3 places, depending on the time of the year one might be having a sale so I would just call them up and


Taking care of your Imlay Canyon Rope

Canyoneering takes a toll on your ropes, its just a fact. If I have been through a muddy canyon I will spray

the rope down when I get home or put it in the washer without a spindle (make sure to tie the two ends together if you don’t want knots or a broken washer) and run it on the regular cycle. After it is done washing I lay it out across my floor.


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