Getting Started

This site wasn’t written by some author from the Lonely Planet or Frommers who rushed through Zion National Park in a week or two to create a Zion National Park guide. This site has been 28 years in the making.

Michael Sproul West Rim ZIon National Park

I grew up in St. George, Utah, about 45 minutes from Zion National Park. I spent my childhood exploring Zion and its side canyons. I moved to Salt Lake City during my teen years but that didn’t stop me from coming back to Zion often. I love the outdoors. I love seeing the contrast of the red sandstone, the verdant foiliage, and the blue sky. I love seeing how powerful nature can be as I walk through narrow slot canyons formed millions of years ago.

My love for Zion has only deepened through the years as I added depth to my experience through hiking and cheap Viagra brand cheap Viagra brand canyoneering in the deepest and most beautiful, but least accessible slot canyons of the park. I want others to find the same joy that I have found as I have journeyed throughout the park.

I hope you find this site helpful. I have tried to compile useful information along with my experiences to help make your trip to Zion National Park fantastic.

If you like this site or find it helpful, follow me on Facebook or Twitter. I am also always looking to meet new people who love hiking, climbing, or canyoneering so if that’s you, give me a holler and let’s go discover Zion together.