zion-park-entrance Anyone visiting or going through Zion Canyon is required to pay when entering the park.  The entrance fee is collected by Rangers from 7-8 AM to 8-9 PM if you enter the park outside of those hours a ranger will not be in the station and you will not be required to pay.  Other fees are collected by camp hosts and others and their hours depend on park activity.

Private Vehicle: $25 dollars

The private vehicle pass is valid for 7 consecutive days (including the date of purchase) and is not transferable. Weekly passes can be upgraded to an annual pass within 7 days of purchase.

Motorcycle: $12 dollars

This pass admits one individual on a private motorcycle into Zion National Park for 7 consecutive days. Any extra passengers must pay the per person fee of $12 dollars.

Per Person: $12 dollars

This pass is valid for 7 consecutive days and allows one individual without a car to enter Zion National Park. Youth 15 and under are free.

Zion Annual Pass: $50 dollars

If you plan to visit Zion National Park more than twice in a year the Zion Annual Pass is the way to go. This pass admits the pass holder and passengers in his/her vehicle into the park for 12 months. If you are walking into the park it allows for 4 total people free of charge. You must sign your card and present ID each time; there are two spots for signatures.

Interagency Pass Interagency Annual Pass: $80 dollars

This pass is great for anyone who plans on visiting more than a couple of National Parks a few times during the year. This pass allows for a pass holder vehicle to enter the park with all passengers. If you are walking into the park you are allowed to have 4 total people free of charge. You must sign your card and present ID each time, and there are two spots for signatures.

There are a few other fee options for non/commercial groups or other pass holders that can be found at the Zion National Park website.

Camping Fees:

Zion has 3 campgrounds in the park. Two of the campgrounds are in the main canyon and the third is up on Kolob Terrace Road. Tent only campsites are $16 dollars per night with electric campsites ranging from $18-20 dollars. For more information on Zion camping click here.

Tunnel Permit Fees: $15 dollars (2 trips)

If you are driving an oversize vehicle (11’4” X 7’10”) including mirrors, awnings, jacks, etc and want to drive to the east side of the park through the Zion National Park tunnel you must have a permit costing 15 dollars for 2 trips in a 7 day period.  The tunnel hours of operation for oversized vehicles changes seasonally so check with a ranger when you enter the park. For more information about the tunnel permits, click here.