The 5 Most Ridiculous Pop Culture predictions That Came True

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the only way to use it for porn involved a pawn shop.

in the past, Apple wasn’t the particular business that makes the sleek, Sexy handheld devices you recognize today. They were all about primitive desktop computers and were just coming off from having booted Steve Jobs from a lot more claims (A motivated Apple would bring him back a decade later).

in the all this, In an era when the world wide web was still years away and most people were still using rotary dial phones, Apple presented this silly “Technology of the future, advertising video,Why without, cost Nye, I want to conquer Africa,

They called the concept fact Navigator, And it appeared to be several steps ahead of anything they were using in Star Trek.

seemed to be a flat, Tablet shaped computer that could possibly have featured a fully automated digital assistant, A front struggling with camera with video chat, A multi touch interface and voice based search (also remember, at the moment there was no “on the net” crucial thing to soccer jerseys cheap be surfing that also was pure fantasy in 1987). oh yeah, And it was also a telephone wife or husband an e reader,It will absolutely reinvent the field cheap nfl jerseys of unsafe driving habits,

You already understand how dead on all of this was. Just check out Apple’s recent iPhone commercially made:

it turns out that when Apple has an idea, They marketed it. Available electronics be damned!

Not determined yet? How concerning this:

If you pay close attention to the Knowledge Navigator video, You can see that season it is September 16, And digital assistant mentions that a research paper was written “About five in years past” while in 2006. That places this video on sept 16, 2011. The new iPhone 4S with the Siri digital assistant the device that finally made whatever you see there come true was released about two and a half weeks after this video was to take place.2015 is only three years away. Ball’s associated with court, Mattel.

You probably don’t remember the short lived ’80s TV show second chance. It came and went in 1987 soon after just half a season. Today it’s only commemorated for starring a pre Friends Matthew Perry, And for making a amazingly accurate prediction 24 years in advance.

The show was about a man who dies in a car accident in 2011 and gets sent back to 1987 to save his younger self from eternal damnation. Since it was working with what (to barefoot running) Was the bizarre way forward for 2011, It did predict things that didn’t pan out, Like hovercrafts and how Matthew Perry would definitely look in 2011 (grinded by Kiel Martin).

“involving, uh. burp. This meal is provided for free, top,

In the pilot episode, the smoothness of Charles Russell appears in heaven with St. bob, Awaiting his eternal common sense. but before he makes his way up to the pearly gates, Another man finds on his own at St.

that will man is Colonel Moammar Gadhafi, And in order to this show, He drops dead on July 29, 2011.

If something about that video clip is making you have to pull up to do some fact checking, We’ll help you a trip: Gadhafi was killed on september 20, 2011. right, we shall admit: It’s not similar date this show said it would be. It’s a whole ninety days before it actually happened. For a prediction made 24 years in advance.

the picture on the left is the joke video that Cheap NFL Jerseys, Jerseys Vintage Styles Wholesale 2016 Chris Rock had made for the skit. Simpson called If I did it, about the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. The book was available in 2007, mostly a decade later. Simpson: If I did it, Here’s How It Happened was planned but quickly canceled when everyone came to their collective right minds and put a stop to it.

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